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New York State Ornithological Association
Board Meeting Minutes
July 31, 2004

The Board of Directors of the New York State Ornithological Association, Inc. met at Nuthatch Hollow Nature Preserve in Vestal on July 31, 2004. The meeting was called to order at 9:35 a.m.

Present were Brenda Best, Barbara Butler, Gail Kirch, Berna Lincoln, Kevin McGowan, Bill Ostrander, Bill Reeves, and Bob Spahn.

Summary of Action Items:

1. Approved minutes of previous board meeting. (Item 1)
2. Approved Shaibal Mitra as new editor of The Kingbird. (Item 5i)
3. Appointed By-laws Committee. (Old Business)
4. Authorized purchase of decals and brochures (New Business)

1. Minutes of Previous Board Meeting – Brenda Best – Bill Reeves made a motion to approve the draft minutes from the April 10, 2004 Board Meeting. Bob Spahn seconded. Approved unanimously.

2. President’s Report – Kevin McGowan – Desktop display has been revised and was used at two shows. Kevin attended an Atlas Steering Committee meeting. No one from NYSOA attended the DEC meeting in May to discuss the State Wildlife Grant (SWG), but Kevin did attend one in June in Syracuse.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Bill Reeves – Treasurer’s Report dated June 30, 2004 was distributed. (See Attachment A.) We now have two checking accounts to handle checks made out to FNYSBC or NYSOA.

4. DEC Report – Kevin for Bryan Swift – Bryan advises he will be at the Annual Meeting. Most time is spent working on the SWG planning draft. Bryan reports that Common Tern nesting has expanded to other islands in Oneida Lake.

5. Committee Reports

a. Archives – Phyllis Jones – No report.

b. Atlas – Berna for Valerie Freer – No determination of a sixth field season has been made. Next Steering Committee meeting is in late August. The committee is working on the advertisement for the second editor and they hope to interview before this Christmas with the hire to begin in January 2005. There are still problems with the artist contracts, and no payments will be made without a signed contract.

c. Awards – Bill Ostrander and Andy Mason – A reminder was sent regarding the Stoner award, and two nominations have been received. Consideration will be given to making the deadline date earlier, and to possibly including this information in each New York Birders if there’s room. Promotion of the Eaton award was a problem this year and there may not be a recipient. We have received no requests for Member Club Grants. Bob Spahn and Andy Mason are discussing and reviewing articles and working with Manny on the Elliott award. Certificates of Appreciation should be given promptly and announcements should be included in New York Birders.

d. Conservation – Kevin for Andy Mason – Andy is proposing a letter be written in support of revising the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to protect native birds. Kevin will advise Andy to submit a draft to the Board. With regard to feral cats, last year’s draft guidelines have not been finalized, but Tom Lyons of the Office of Parks has offered to speak at the Delegates Meeting in September. A link to American Bird Conservancy’s Cats Indoors web site can be provided in the cat article on our site.

e. Field Trips – The Board is aware that Bill Lee has had some health problems and wonders if Bill would like relief from the Field Trip Committee. Perhaps someone from the Hudson-Mohawk club could serve. We might ask various clubs to designate one of their field trips as a NYSOA field trip and we would advertise it. We also could put a chronological list of club field trips with the appropriate contact on our web site.

f. Finance Committee – Berna Lincoln – Bill Reeves and Kevin McGowan also serve on this committee and Berna notes that at the November Board meeting, the 2005 budget is to be approved. Let the committee know of any unusual items to be included in the budget. Bill Reeves has not heard from the Audit Committee and will check with Manny. The audit is done before the Annual Meeting.

g. Nominating Committee – Tim Baird – No report. It was noted the slate has been published.

h. NYSARC – Kevin McGowan – The Board has reviewed the proposed revisions to the NYSARC guidelines incorporating the name change among other items. Some of the proposed revisions would require NYSOA By-laws changes. We felt it would be beneficial if a NYSARC representative could attend a Board meeting to discuss the proposed changes. Kevin will reply to NYSARC with our comments and invite them to a Board meeting. Kevin is checking to see whose term on NYSARC expires this year.

i. Publications – Kevin for Tim Baird and Manny Levine –Tim advises the Speakers Bureau will be in the January issue of New York Birders. Manny has resigned as editor of The Kingbird due to health problems and recommends Shaibal Mitra as his replacement. Bob Spahn made a motion to approve Shaibal Mitra as the new editor of The Kingbird. Berna Lincoln seconded and motion was passed unanimously. Manny remains as Chair of the Publications Committee. Seymour Schiff is no longer serving as the Region 10 Editor.

j. Membership – Brenda Best – There have been nine new members since the April Board meeting. 67 final notices have been sent. Two clubs have not yet paid their dues. St. Lawrence/Adirondack Audubon advises they are sending theirs, but the T. Roosevelt Sanctuary has not responded. Bill advises there is a new director and he will contact them regarding their membership. Brenda advised that we have received notification of the deaths of three life members.

k. Web site – Barbara Butler – The name change has been incorporated. Our “Objectives” have been added and Barb would like us to review them.

6. Old Business

Name Change – The new name has been incorporated where needed. The IRS and our banks have been informed and all paperwork completed. New York Birders is done. The Kingbird inside cover can be changed, but the outside covers are already printed and will be used for two more issues. The first issue in 2005 will have the new name on the outside. Updated By-laws are on the web site. A By-laws Committee was appointed, consisting of Berna Lincoln, Bob Spahn, and a third to be advised by Kevin (perhaps Phyllis Jones). It appears the remaining items are the Corporate Seal, patches, decals, and the brochure. Kevin and Brenda will look at the brochure and Barb will ask Carena about graphics.

7. New Business

Montezuma Muckrace – NYSOA supports a team with Mickey Scilingo as the leader.

Promotional Items – Kevin would like decals and brochures to be available at the Annual Meeting in September. Berna Lincoln made a motion to authorize Kevin McGowan to purchase decals, which was seconded by Bill Reeves. Approved unanimously. Gail Kirch made a motion to authorize Kevin McGowan to purchase brochures, which was seconded by Bob Spahn, and also approved unanimously.

Annual Meeting – Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society has offered to host the 2006 Annual Meeting.

Donation – We have received a $317 donation from the Alan Devoe Bird Club. Tim will be notified so that this can be mentioned in New York Birders.

Our next Board meeting will be held at Nuthatch Hollow in Vestal on November 13. Barb Butler made the motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Bill Reeves. Approved unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 1:41 p.m.

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