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FNYSBC Resolution on Mongaup Visitor Center

Approved at the Annual Meeting in Owego, New York on September 21, 2002

WHEREAS the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River (UDS&RR) is a natural resource managed by the National Park Service (NPS), and

WHEREAS the NPS has the responsibility if facilitating the protection of the river corridor with the cooperation of local government, and

WHEREAS there are developmental threats to the corridor and to its Bald Eagle resident and wintering population, and

WHEREAS there is a critical need for a visitor center to educate the public with respect to protecting the riverine resources, and

WHEREAS close to 90% of its visitors enter the corridor via State Route 97 through Port Jervis, and

WHEREAS the NPS-UDS&RR has requested this badly needed visitor center which exists in the Master Plan for over two decades, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Federation of New York State Bird Clubs strongly supports the construction of the "Mongaup Visitor Center."

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