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ConservationPosted 10/28/07
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NYSOA Resolutions Summary - 2007
Andy Mason

Wind Power Development

An ad hoc wind power committee, led by John Confer, had over the past year prepared a resolution on siting of wind projects.  Among other provisions, the resolution calls for a full environmental review of projects, including an analysis of the cumulative effects of multiple projects in an area; surveys of breeding birds, wintering birds and migrants; and an open, reviewable process for post-construction studies.

The wind resolution also states that projects along known migratory routes such as ridges and shorelines pose higher risks to birds and that a minimum of 3 years of avian studies should be required locations within 2 miles of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain, Long Island Sound, the Atlantic Ocean.  Also, areas including the lower Hudson Valley, the Susquehanna River Valley, the St. Lawrence River Valley, the Finger Lakes and the Shawangunk Ridge also should require a 3 year minimum for these studies.

The resolution also includes an addendum on the current status of regulatory review of wind projects in the state, and a bibliography of wind power and its environmental effects.

An amendment to the resolution to increase the distance from these waterbodies to 5 miles was defeated.  However, an amendment to add Chautauqua Lake to the list of waterbodies was approved.

Read the full text of the wind power resolution.

Spruce Grouse Management

A resolution calling for increased management for Spruce Grouse in the Adirondacks was put forth by Onondaga Audubon Soc.  This resolution calls on the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation to allocate sufficient funds to “ . . . finalize and implement the recovery plan for Spruce Grouse in NYS, and to provide funds for monitoring of recovery efforts.”  The resolution further urges The Nature Conservancy to consider active management techniques to ensure that the Spruce Grouse persists on their lands with Spruce Grouse habit.

Read the full text of the Spruce Grouse resolution.

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