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FNYSBC Resolution on
Bird Population Management

To be presented for consideration to the council of delegates
at the Annual Meeting in Chautauqua, New York on November 1, 2003


WHEREAS, populations of wild, native species of birds fluctuate over time, based on a variety of factors, both natural and human-induced, and

WHEREAS, on occasion, populations of some species have reached levels that may cause actual or perceived conflict with humans, and

WHEREAS, similar increases in populations of some species may impact other wildlife; in particular, endangered, threatened or otherwise at-risk species, and

WHEREAS, management of populations of wild birds to reduce human and wildlife impacts has occurred in New York State, and is likely to continue in the future, and

WHEREAS, among the stated goals of the Federation of New York State Bird Clubs, Inc. (the Federation) is “to protect birds and their habitats”, and

WHEREAS, the Federation has a long history of support and participation in avian science and research, and continues such support and participation, and

WHEREAS, has called for the use of valid scientific data to substantiate management decisions, now therefore, be it,

RESOLVED, that the Federation supports management of bird populations when sound scientific evidence indicates that such management will benefit endangered, threatened or otherwise at-risk species, and be it further,

RESOLVED, that the Federation likewise supports management of bird populations when such scientific evidence indicates that bird populations are significantly impacting human health or safety, and be it further,

RESOLVED, that all appropriate agencies and organizations are urged by the Federation to pursue research and education efforts regarding bird populations and their impacts on humans and wildlife.

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