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Help the BirdsPosted 2/19/02

Top Ten Tips for Bird Friendly Living

This information is from an article published in the January 2002 issue of New York Birders, the NYSOA newsletter.

The most recent issue of the American Bird Conservancy’s (ABC) Bird Conservation magazine (issue 17) includes a list of ten tips for bird friendly living. While you may have seen the tips before, you probably haven’t seen addresses for many of the internet resources that can help you get started on living these tips. Here are the ABC’s top ten:

  Plan your yard for diversity.
  Use native species when you can.
  Allow the "back 40" to become a little scruffy.
  Hang Mylar strips or place feeders on large windows.
  Donate your old binoculars.
  Drink shade grown coffee.
  Reach out! (Join a bird club, talk to neighbors, etc.)
  Provide birds with food, water and shelter.
  Be judicious in your use of pesticides.

And the number one tip for bird-friendly living:

  Please keep your cat indoors!


And here are the internet resources with a few words on what they provide: This is the AZ Native Plant Societies’ website. Here you can find a state by state listing of Native Plant Societies that can help you plan your garden with the best plants to provide food and shelter for the birds in your area. The National Bird-Feeding Society’s website contains a wealth of information on improving conditions for backyard birds. Look for their page on "Creating Bird friendly Habitat". For ideas on landscaping--including ways to reduce your garden’s water consumption and take advantage of alternative water sources--visit this website and read about "xeriscaping". This address will bring you to a place to sign up for a wildlife gardening mailing list. The website birding section also provides links for information on building bird-houses, creating birdbaths or bird ponds in your yard and preparing suet cakes to keep your birds happy in wintertime! This is the website of the National Wildlife Federation. Their "Operation Habitat" encourages the public to provide food, water, shelter and nesting space for birds and wildlife in their backyards. The Chipper Woods Bird Observatory website offers tips on dealing with bird problems from window collisions to pesky woodpeckers. or Visit one of these sites to find out how to donate your old birding equipment and books to Latin American scientists and educators through Birder’s Exchange.

Type "shade-grown coffee" in any Internet search engine to lead you to a number of coffee growers and sellers whose products are certified bird friendly. This link will bring you to the ABC’s "Pesticides and Birds" website. Visit this site for a list of non-toxic pest controls and companies that engage in environmentally friendly pest management. Read about the ABC’s "Cats Indoors!" campaign.

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