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NYSYBC - New York State Young Birders Club
Volunteers Needed!
by Carena Pooth

The New York State Young Birders Club is not ready to fly on its own yet, but it sure is showing some pin feathers!  The NYSYBC website is live and growing. And Hope Batcheller’s online discussion group for young birders, which she established in 2006, continues to be an active forum.  Young birders who would like to receive and/or contribute to the postings there are welcome to join in.

The most pressing need for NYSYBC is to fill the position of Adult Coordinator.  The individual who volunteers to take on this essential job will have the opportunity to make history – to shape and launch the first statewide young

birders club in New York, one of the first such clubs in the nation.  NYSYBC will benefit young birders, bird clubs, birds, and the environment.  Because we need to ensure that there will be young birders to fill our shoes in the future, this project represents one of NYSOA’s most important initiatives.  There will be a lot of work and responsibility involved, but the potential rewards are immeasurable!

A detailed “position description” is available to interested candidates – just send an email request to .  The basic requirements for the Adult Coordinator’s job include experience working with and maintaining good rapport with teenagers; leadership experience (business, club, non-profit, etc.); good organizational and communication skills, daily email and internet use, and at least moderate birding expertise.  While the Adult Coordinator will have the opportunity to participate in monthly youth birding field trips across the state, he or she will not be required to do so.

The Young Birders Club represents a huge “win-win” for everyone involved. NYSOA’s Member Clubs/Organizations will have the opportunity to sponsor YBC field trips, which will not only be fun but also help them attract younger people into their own ranks. And young birders all over the state will be able to find – and go birding with – new friends who share their passion for birds and the environment.

NYSOA Member Clubs/Organizations are asked to help us spread the word about this wonderful project, and to consider becoming NYSYBC partner organizations.  A 30 minute informational presentation is available to member clubs who would like to learn more about the project. To schedule a presentation about the NYSYBC project at a membership or

board meeting of your club, just drop us a line via email.  We also welcome your ideas, questions, and, especially, names of potential adult volunteers. 

Please help us to ensure that the NYSYBC’s first flight will happen soon, and that it will thrive and grow into the future.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Carena Pooth
Vice President, NYSOA
Chair, ad hoc YBC committee

Published in New York Birders, July 2008

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