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The Kingbird - Archive of NYSOA's Quarterly Journal

Since January 2010, NYSOA has made back issues of its quarterly journal, The Kingbird, available online for research and educational purposes. This searchable archive contains all but the most recent 2-3 years' issues. If you find this archive useful and would like to receive new issues of The Kingbird as they are published, please support NYSOA by becoming a member.
Currently the following issues of The Kingbird are available for browsing & searching: Volumes 1-64 (1950-2014) - a total of 256 regular issues plus the History of the First Fifty Years, a supplement published in 1998.

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Browse Complete Back Issues & 10-year Indices, 1950-2014

The menus below contain links for the issues that are currently in the database. To search the online database for specific keywords, use the search form below these menus. These complete issue files are fairly large, up to 8MB in size.



SPECIAL ISSUE: Vol. 48 Supplement 1 (September 1998): History of the First Fifty Years


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Please Note:

1. In the search results list, you can find the year, volume, and number of the Kingbird issue containing the article cited. The filename in the URL is in the format yYYYYvVVnNxxxxxxx.pdf, so you can easily pick out the year, volume, and issue number, plus information like author, kingbird region, etc., depending on the type of article cited.
2. You may find errors in some files in the database. Most of these have been introduced during the automated scanning and text recognition process. If you find substantive errors that you feel need to be corrected, please . Please be aware also that there may be exception cases where a word was not recognized by the indexing software in a particular file, so that the file may not appear in the results list when that word is searched for.

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