The New York State Avian Records Committee

  A Committee of the New York State Ornithological Association

 UPDATED 2/7/15

NYSARC Reports

1977 - 2012
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Grace's Warbler, photo by Lloyd Spitalnik
Grace's Warbler
Point Lookout, Nassau

photo by Lloyd Spitalnik

UPDATED 3/1/15

Historical Database
of all past NYSARC

Now includes all reports discussed in the NYSARC Annual Report for 2012

a comprehensive listing
of over 2000 reports
submitted to NYSARC
since its inception
with links to associated NYSARC Annual Reports

How to Document
a Rare Bird

Please submit a report for any rare sighting,
even if you think many
others have already reported the same bird.


Last Updated 3/1/15

On these pages you will find information about the New York State Avian Records Committee — what it is, what it does, and how you can contribute important information and documentation about rare bird sightings. In addition, you can view annual reports about NYSARC's decisions on specific sightings, and in the Gallery of New York State Rarities you can even view photos of many of the state's rare avian visitors.

Our pages also include a detailed database of past submissions as well as NYSARC's Annual Reports.

Gary Chapin - Secretary of NYSARC

Gary Chapin is the Secretary of the New York State Avian Records Committee (NYSARC). Gary took over the role from Jeanne Skelly, who served NYSARC with distinction for more than a decade. Fortunately, Jeanne is still affiliated with the Committee as she continues to curate and organize the extensive NYSARC archive.

Gary is a life-long resident of Upstate New York and has birded intensively in the state since 1991. A graduate of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse University and Rochester Institute of Technology, he works as an engineer for Xerox. He regularly travels in search of birds, visiting 16 countries to date. We welcome his knowledge, enthusiasm and organizational skills. You can reach Gary via the NYSARC email address:

Or by USPS mail at the following address:

Gary Chapin
Secretary for NYSARC
125 Pine Springs Drive
Ticonderoga, NY 12883


Good Birding!
Angus Wilson
Chair, New York State Avian Records Committee
New York State Ornithological Association

NYSARC - New York State Avian Records Committee
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