NYSARC Rare Bird Reporting Form

A list of species appropriate for NYSARC review can be found here.  Please check the list before filling out or submitting a report, and submit a report only if the species or form is on the list!

If you prefer, you can complete a text form offline and mail it in or, preferably, attach it to an .

ONLINE SUBMISSION: Use the form below to complete and submit your NYSARC rare bird report online.  You will have a chance to preview your report, and after you look at it and submit it, a copy will be sent to the email address you provide below.

Upon receipt of your report a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to you.

Please note:  Networks and servers are not always as stable as we want them to be!  You may want to consider drafting your text on your computer and then copying it into the fields of this form, so that you don't run the risk of losing your work if you lose your network session.

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* Date(s) of Observation:

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* Time and length of Observation:

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* Did you personally observe the bird?  yes   no 

* Other Observers (If you don't know of any, please type unknown.  If there were others but you are not listing them, please comment/explain briefly.)

   Please note:  Each observer should independently complete and submit a report.

* Light conditions:

* Distance from bird:    feet   meters    

* Optics used:



* a) Number, size, and shape:

* b) Color and pattern, including soft parts:

* c) Behavior, including vocalizations:

* d) Habitat, including associated species:
* e) Summarize the features of the bird(s) that you saw or heard that
indicated to you this was not a similar but more common species    HELP

Additional comments including comparisons with other species and
observer's experience:        HELP


Does any other substantial evidence document this report?
If yes, what is it and where is it deposited?




Please list up to 5 digital image files (or scans of sketches) if you have them.  Specify the files in the fields below.  These files will be sent to NYSARC with this report.
Note:  - Files must be less than 1MB in size and must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .tif
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Description / credits / copyright information — Please indicate name(s) of artist(s) or photographer(s) , date(s) photos were taken, and other pertinent information:
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