NYSARC Rare Bird Reporting Form

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How to save your work to your hard disk if you run out of time

Sometimes you just run out of time!  Here are some steps you can follow if you've entered a bunch of text and suddenly have to run off for some reason before you can finish your report:

1. Type any single character into each of the required fields that you haven't filled in yet, as a placeholder, and click any required radio buttons, so that you don't get a bunch of error messages in step 2. If you miss any, that's OK, you'll be prompted for them in step 2.

2. Go to the bottom of the form and click the PREVIEW button. This will bring up the preview page with all the text you entered.

3. Save the preview page to your desktop.

4. Do not click the SUBMIT button on the preview page, of course, because that will send your incomplete report to NYSARC. Just close your browser.

5. When you are ready to continue working on the form, click the icon that was created on your desktop by step 3, and also open a second instance of the browser, where you can navigate back to the blank online form page.

6. Copy the saved text blocks back into the online form and complete the form online.

7. (optional) Delete the icon from your desktop; this will delete from your hard disk the file that was saved in step 3.

Note: If you click SUBMIT on the incomplete preview page that you saved to your disk, it WILL send the incomplete report to NYSARC.....so please avoid clicking that button.