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Map Showing County & Kingbird Region Boundaries
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Pelagic & Water Body Boundaries for County Listing

How-to: Tips for using eBird to get your report numbers together
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Archive of Past Reports

The NYSOA County and State Listing project, created by Berna Lincoln in 1992, encourages birding and reporting of sightings throughout the many varied habitats all over New York State. Some participants have reported lists from all 62 counties, others have over 40 county lists and several more have over 20. Quite a few have enough species on their NYS life list to qualify for the 200 patch or even the 300 patch. Several folks have enough in a single county to qualify for a 300 patch! And some have already passed the 400 mark for the state!

But this project isn't just for the few high counters. It's for all who enjoy documenting their experiences this way. And remember, listing is more than just fun. Birders who keep track of their sightings and submit them to local bird clubs or eBird provide information that is used in a variety of ways that benefit birds and promote habitat conservation. And if you're an eBirder, just pull your totals by December 31st and enter them in NYSOA's ongoing listing competition by March 1st.

Send us your NYS, regional, and county life list totals each year. Results are published in NYSOA's newsletter, New York Birders and also on this page (see archive links below).

The only requirement for participating is membership in NYSOA or one of its member clubs.

The compilation of 2016 submissions was included in the April 2017 issue of NYSOA's newsletter, New York Birders.

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