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FNYSBC = Federation of New York State Bird Clubs
LI = Long Island
N&O = Notes and Observations
NY = New York
NYC = New York City
NYS = New York State
NYSARC = New York State Avian Records Committee
WMR = Wildlife Management Area

1991 Winter; 41(1)

Photographs of NYS rarities. 51: Fork-tailed Flycatcher. Marcotte B. 41:2

[Status of the Fork-tailed Flycatcher in New York.] [DeBenedictis P] 41:4

The rapidly changing distribution of the Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) in central NY. Confer JL, Coker D, Armstrong M, Doherty J. 41:5

Pelham Bay Park Hawkwatch results, 1990. DeCandido R. 41:12

N&O: Fulvous Whistling-Duck found dead in Bronx County. DeCandido R. 41:17

N&O: Inland migration of Common Loon over the Finger Lakes region of NY. Wells J. 41:17

N&O: Tree nesting Canada Goose at Caumsett State Park. Capainolo P. 41:19

1991 Spring; 41(2)

Photographs of NYS rarities. 52: Wood Sandpiper at Marshlands Conservancy. Burke TW. 41:70

Range expansion in Fish Crow (Corvus ossifragus): the Ithaca, NY, colony as an example. Wells JV, McGowan KJ. 41:73

A sad day for the "Quawks": destruction of a Black-crowned Night-Heron colony in the lower Mohawk Valley. George CJ. 41:83

FNYSBC, Inc. Annual Meeting, Riverhead, NY, 26-28 October 1990. Windsor DA. 41:89

N&O: Fishing by a Winter Wren. Martin P. 41:93

1991 Summer; 41(3)

Movement of the Black-capped Chickadee in NYS analyzed through banding re-encounters. Brooks EW. 41:137

Geographic variation in wing length of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Cook WE. 41:145

Specimens of the subarctic nesting population of Great Horned Owl from NY, New Jersey and Connecticut. Dickerman RW. 41:154

Winter roosting and food habits of a Northern Saw-whet Owl in Columbia County, NY. Parkes KE. 41:158

N&O: Unusual Common Raven nest in Elmira. Clements R, Ostrander W. 41:136, 163

N&O: A Common Raven nesting in Oneida County, NY. Burns P. 41:164

1991 Fall; 41(4)

The potential impact of Gypsy Moth defoliation on Broad-winged Hawk reproductive success. Crocoll S. 41:224

Characteristics of Black Tern (Childonias niger) nesting habitat at Lakeview WMA, NY. Knutson MG. 41:228

Reversal of life zones in the Hudson Highlands, with reference to the avifauna. Speiser RE, Bosakowski T. 41:237

Report of the NYSARC 1989. 41:241

NYS Waterfowl Count, January 1991. Sabin WB. 41:244

N&O: Black Tern counts from eastern Lake Ontario. Mazzocchi I, Muller S. 41:250

1992 Winter; 42(1)

Photographs of NYS rarities 53: White-winged Tern. Skelly SM. 42: 2

Report of the NYSARC 1990. 42:5

Northeastern records of Ardea herodias wardi [Great Blue Heron] from the southeastern United States. Dickerman RW. 42:10

N&O: Yellow Rail and Sharp-tailed Sparrow in Oswego County. Ko[e]neke MA. 42:14

N&O: [Northern] Shrike captures [Northern] Cardinal. Pitzrick VM, Pitzrick M. 42:15

Editorial - The Kingbird of the 90s. [DeBenedictis PA] 42:16

1992 Spring; 42(2)

Photographs of NYS rarities 54: Burrowing Owl on Long Island, NY. Bruun B. 42:70

Additional specimens of the subarctic Great Horned Owl from NY. Dickerman RW. 42:73

FNYSBC, Inc. Annual Meeting, Syracuse, NY, 20-22 September 1991. Windsor DA. 42:76

N&O: Barred Owl feeds on frog in November. Cook WE. 42:84

N&O: Merlin wintering in a Syracuse Park. Crumb D. 42:84

1992 Summer; 42(3)

Photographs of NYS rarities 55: LeConte's Sparrow. Koeneke MA. 42:130

Notes on the natural history of the Northern Goshawk. Speiser R. 42:133

Lillian Stoner recipients 1975-1990. Confer JL, Meade GM. 42:138

N&O: Bobolink wintering near Syracuse, NY. Crumb D. 42:141

N&O: Prairie Warbler colonization of a right-of-way in Lewis County, NY. Rossell CR, DiTomasso DJ. 42:142

N&O: Yellow-throated Warbler in Dutchess County. Manson H. 42:143

Letter: [Black-capped Chickadee, response to Brooks 41:137]. Peterson JMC. 42:144

1992 Fall; 42(4)

First record of a Merlin nest in NYS. Montgomery W. 42:206

A White-winged Tern nests in NYS. Mazzocchi IM, Muller SL. 42:210

Probable breeding of Cerulean Warbler on eastern Long Island. Lindsay P, Vezo T. 42:213

NYS Waterfowl Count, January 1992. Sabin WB. 42:216

N&O: Prothonotary Warbler nest in Allegany County. Pitzrick VM, Pitzrick E, Pitzrick M. 42:223

N&O: An early Hairy Woodpecker fledgling. Confer J, Confer K, Seeholzer B. 42:224

N&O: Extensive repertoire of a Northern Mockingbird. Chamberlaine LB. 42:224

1993 March; 43(1)

Photographs of NYS rarities 56: Roseate Spoonbill on Staten Island, NY. Salzman L, Salzman E. 43:2

Caspian Tern nesting at Little Galloo Island: a new nesting species for NYS. Weseloh DVC, Blokpoel H. 43:6

Erythristic Northern Orioles. Parkes KC. 43:13

Report of the NYSARC 1991. 43:18

N&O: Use of conifers as nest sites by Yellow Warbler in NY. Brooks EW. 43:26

N&O: The insect prey of the Laughing Gull. Sweet PR. 43:27

N&O: Three free-flying fledgling Osprey. Confer J, Fisher J, Cruso W. 43:28

1993 June; 43(2)

Photographs of NYS rarities 57: Black-throated Gray Warbler. Quinlan J. 43:86

First attempted nesting of Double-crested Cormorant on the Niagara Frontier. Watson WW. 43:88

Birding the WMAs of southwestern Jefferson County, NY. Chamberlaine LB. 43:94

FNYSBC, Inc. Annual Meeting, Oneonta, NY, 25-27 September 1992. Freer VM. 43:103

N&O: First record of Black Skimmer for Rockland County, NY. Harten C. 43:109

N&O: Bivalent singing by a Blue-winged Warbler (Vermivora pinus). Allen PE, Bushway L, Confer JL, Cruso W, Fisher J. 43:111

1993 September; 43(3)

Photographs of NYS rarities 58: A Spotted Redshank winters in Brooklyn. Yrizarry JC. 43:166

An ephemeral shorebird habitat at Cedar Overlook Beach, Suffolk County, NY. Feustel K. 43:170

Observations on the gulls of the Capital District of NY. Blais EM, George CJ. 43:185

N&O: Wintering vineaceous (dark) morph Barn Owl. Askildsen JP. 43:195

N&O: Northern Rough-winged Swallow nests in unused Purple Martin house. Eaton SW. 43:197

1993 December; 43(4)

Wilson's Phalarope, a new nesting species for NYS. Krueger W. 43:274

Cooper's Hawk nesting in a suburban yard. Rothstein P. 43:278

NYS Waterfowl Count, January 1993. Sabin WB. 43:293

N&O: Unusual behavior of immature Ring-billed Gull. Chamberlaine LB. 43:300

N&O: Wood Duck attempts to nest in a chimney? LaFrance F. 43:301

N&O: American Bittern with young in Essex County. Butler B, Manson H. 43:302

Editorial note - AOU name changes. [DeBenedictis PA] 43:302

1994 March; 44(1)

Report of the NYSARC 1992. 44:2

A Forster's Tern colony at Jamaica Bay, NY City. Riepe D. 44:10

Winter observations of Herring Gull and other birds from Little Galloo Island, eastern Lake Ontario. Ewins PJ, Weseloh DV. 44:14

The Williamsville Glen: a suburban migrant trap. Rising GR. 44:18

N&O: Second attempted nesting of Double-crested Cormorant in the Niagara Frontier Region. Watson W. 44:23

1994 June; 44(2)

Photographs of NYS rarities 59: Slaty-backed Gull. Brock RW. 44:82

Breeding ecology of the Red-shouldered Hawk in north central NY. Johnson G, Chambers RE. 44:87

Birding Cruger Island. Mildner D. 44:96

FNYSBC, Inc. 46th Annual Meeting, Watertown, NY, 10-12 September 1993. Freer VM. 44:99

N&O: First attempted nesting of Ring-billed Gull and possible nesting of Herring Gull in Chemung County. Russell D. 44:106

N&O: Cerulean Warbler confirmed breeding and Acadian Flycatcher probable breeding on eastern Long Island. Lindsay P, Vezo T. 44:108

1994 September; 44(3)

Photographs of NYS rarities 60: Ash-throated Flycatcher. Quinlan J. 44:162

The fall flight of Common Loons over Cayuga Lake. Evans B, Meade B, Nix T, Kelling S. 44:164

Contributions of the FNYSBC to bird conservation in NYS: the past fifteen years. Smith CR. 44:170

A bibliography of NYS ornithology for 1993. Jones P et al. 44:180

N&O: A cooperative [Herring] Gull hunt by Bald Eagle. Berger PL. 44:186

N&O: American Goldfinch with nesting material on early date [7 May]. Künstler DS. 44:187

N&O: Unusual nesting attempt by Red-tailed Hawk [NYC]. Stotz N. 44:187

1994 December; 44(4)

Photographs of NYS rarities 61: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. Koeneke MA. 44:254

The status of Long-billed Dowitcher in western NY. Sherony DF. 44:258

The establishment of the Great Blue Heron colony on Motor Island [Niagara River]. Watson WW. 44:268

Predictions of species to be added to the NYS Checklist. Levine E. 44:277

NYS Waterfowl Count, January 1994. Sabin WB. 44:281

N&O: Early dates for Great Horned Owl on nest. Künstler DS. 44:288

N&O: Mourning Dove with ice ball on bill. Chamberlaine LB. 44:289

Corrigendum. [Evans et al., Common Loon, Kingbird 44:164] [DeBenedictis PA] 44:343

1995 March; 45(1)

Photographs of NYS rarities 62: Ross's Gull in Nassau County. Levine E. 45:2

A 300 species NYS year list: my fiftieth anniversary odyssey. Connor R. 45:5

Avian predator visits to feeding and banding stations. Chamberlaine LB. 45:9

Status of Northern Harrier in the Champlain valley of Clinton County, NY. Gretch M. 45:11

N&O: A White-cheeked Dark-eyed Junco. Spaulding DT. 45:14

N&O: Aberrant Common Redpoll in Cortland County. David K, McGowan K. 45:15

Corrigendum. [Levine, Predictions... Kingbird 44:277] [DeBenedictis PA] 45:62

45(2) June 1995

Dunkirk Harbor: a prime birding spot. Benton A. 45:66

Report of the NYSARC 1993. 45:71

Bird feeders and Christmas Bird Counts: a cautionary tale. Butcher GS, Dunn EH. 45:79

The migration of Red-throated Loon on Lake Ontario. D'Anna W. 45:86

FNYSBC, Inc. 47th Annual Meeting, Rosendale, NY, 23-25 September 1994. Reeves WB. 45:92

N&O: Ring-billed Gull feeding on insects along the eastern Lake Ontario shoreline. Chamberlaine LB. 45:100

N&O: An aerial feeding flock of Ring-billed Gull. Salzman E. 45:101

Corrigendum. [Künstler, Great Horned Owl. Kingbird 44:288] [DeBenedictis PA] 45:146

1995 September; 45(3)

Photographs of NYS rarities 63: Ancient Murrelet. Marcotte R. 45:148

Utilization of wild apples by winter birds. Chamberlaine LB. 45:153

Breeding bird census of Goose Creek Marsh, Pelham Bay Park, The Bronx, NY. Künstler DS. 45:155

Cerulean Warbler and Northern Parula tending the same nest. Lindsay P, Vezo T. 45:160

NYS Waterfowl Count, January 1995. Sabin WB. 45:162

N&O: First successful nesting of Double-crested Cormorant in the Niagara Frontier Region. Watson W. 45:168

N&O: Boat-tailed Grackle at Shinnecock Long Island. Salzman E. 45:169

N&O: Cedar Waxwing flock composition at Kestrel Haven Migration Observatory, Schuyler County. Gregoire J, Gregoire S. 45:169

1995 December; 45(4)

Photograph of Grasshopper Sparrow at Syracuse Airport. DeBenedictis P. 45:242

Grasshopper Sparrow at Plattsburgh Air Force base. Gretch M. 45:242

Winter Wren foraging beneath stream ice. Klein HG. 45:248

Black-throated Green Warbler rediscovered nesting on eastern Long Island. Salzman E. 45:259

A bibliography of NYS ornithology for 1994. Jones P et al. 45:262

N&O: Scarlet Tanager breeding biology. Gregoire J, Gregoire S. 45:271

N&O: Cedar glades for wintering birds. Chamberlaine LB. 45:271

N&O: Golden Eagle attacks Wild Turkey. Mason A. 45:272

Letter: Enhancing the archival value of Regional Reports. Windsor DA. 45:274

From the Editor - Farewell. [DeBenedictis PA] 45:276

1996 March; 46(1)

Editorial Introduction. Windsor DA. 46:2

Population trends of birds at feeders in Sullivan County NY 1981-1994. Freer VM, Visconti J. 46:4

The initiation and size of Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) clutches in relationship to temperature. Larkin JL, Confer JL. 46:13

Common and uncommon gulls in Jones Inlet: The birding must be bad when you start looking at gulls. Schiff S, Wollin A. 46:20

Acadian Flycatcher on Long Island. Salzman E. 46:25

1996 June; 46(2)

Editorial. More Name Changes. Call for Long Runs of Data. Letters to the Editor. Lists. Call for artists. Windsor DA. 46:102

Red-tailed Hawk Nesting on a building in Troy, NY. Herbrandson HF. 46:105,188

Do Downy Woodpecker abandon their breeding territories in winter to relocate to a permanent food source? Gordon AL, Confer JL. 46:111

Gulls as vectors of Salmonella enteritidis in the lower Mohawk Valley Region of NY. Klauber B. 46:117

FNYSBC, Inc. 48th Annual Meeting. Fredonia NY 6-8 October 1995. Reeves WB. 46:123

1996 September; 46(3)

Editorial. Bird Parasites. Windsor DA. 46:190

NYS Waterfowl Count, January 1996. Sabin WB. 46:193

Hairy and Red-bellied Woodpeckers use bark crevice to break open seeds. Erlwin KM. 46:200

Snowy Owl preys on a Bonaparte's Gull. Martin PJ. 46:202

Great Gray Owl in the Oneida Lake Basin. Crumb D, Cesari DJ. 46:204

Canada Warbler nesting on Long Island. Salzman E. 46:206

Bonaparte's Gull caught by Snapping Turtle. Pryor GS. 46:208

Abundance of apparent avian dusting beds on alvar grasslands. Chamberlaine LB. 46:210

Letter: What is birding? Marcotte R. 46:211

Letter: What are conventional birders? Ferrer V. 46:212

Letter: Single species entries covering all Regional Reports. Wilson A. 46:213

Correction for fall 1995 departure dates. [Windsor DA] 46:287

Drawings by Sue deLearie Adair 46:203,206,211,220,287,291,292

1996 December; 46(4)

Editorial. Regional Reports and records documentation. Spahn R. 46:294

Report of the NYSARC 1994. 46:296

Early fledging of Common Terns. Watson W. 46:302

Probable extralimital breeding of Lincoln's Sparrow in Finger Lakes highlands. Gregoire JA, Gregoire SM. 46:304

The oldest Semipalmated Sandpiper on record. Thaxton J, Thaxton P. 46:308

A bibliography of NYS ornithology for 1995. Jones P et al. 46:310

Letter: Regional Reports. de la Torre J. 46:320

1997 March; 47(1)

Editorial. Feedback. Windsor DA. 47:2

Status of the Louisiana Waterthrush in Allegany State Park. Eaton SW, White RH. 47:3

Ring-billed Gulls hawking stoneflies in early spring. Klein HG. 47:9

Merlin catches Lapland Longspur. What is so rare as rarity captures rarity? Pitzrick V, Pitzrick M. 47:15

Subterranean nest site used by Common Ravens in Mineville, Essex County. Gretch M. 47:16

Letter: European Starlings on Lower Hudson Christmas Bird Count. Stotz NI. 47:18

Letter: Regional Reports. Lauro AJ. 47:19

Reply: Editing the Regional Reports. Spahn R. 47:20

1997 June; 47(2)

Editorial. Electronic publication. Windsor DA. 47:86

Fall jaeger records from Lake Ontario. Sherony DF. 47:88

Nesting Cliff Swallows in Sullivan County, NY, 1996. Freer VM. 47:96

First record of Manx Shearwater (Puffinus puffinus) for NY City. Sweet PR. 47:99

Eastern Phoebe eating sunflower seed. Crumb DW. 47:101

FNYSBC, Inc. 49th Annual Meeting. Colonie NY 6-8 September 1996. Stoner SJ. 47:102

Selected bird species in NYS. 1996 summary. Sommers LA. 47:110

Letter: A database for Regional Report data. Suggs DF. 47:114

1997 September; 47(3)

Editorial. A reference book on the installment plan. Why call this The Kingbird? Windsor DA. 47:166

Bell's Vireo in NY. Salzman E. 47:168

NYS Waterfowl Count. January 1997. Sabin WB. 47:176

Lewis' [sic] Woodpecker in Richfield Springs. Otsego County. Crumb DW, Cesari DJ. 47:182

Letter: More independence for Regional editors. Rusk M. 47:184

1997 December; 47(4)

Editorial — John J. Elliott Award. Windsor DA. 47:254

Establishing the accuracy of field identifications of birds: methods and motifs. Smith CR. 47:257

Interaction of Eastern Phoebe and dragonfly. Gretch M. 47:265

Kleptoparasitism of American Golden-Plovers by Ringed-billed Gulls. Sherony DF. 47:267

Subspecies of Iceland Gull in NYS. D'Anna W. 47:269

A bibliography of NYS ornithology for 1996. Jones P et al. 47:273

Letter — Regional Reports. Changes were not an improvement. DiCostanzo J. 47:282

1998 March; 48(1)

The New Checklist of the Birds of New York State. Levine E. 48:2

Swainson's Thrush nests in the Allegany hills. Eaton SW. 48:16

Golden-Winged and Blue-Winged Warblers at Sterling Forest: a unique circumstance. Confer JL, Gebhards J, Yrizarry J. 8:19

Barn Owl populations as reflected in data from John F. Kennedy International Airport. Garber SD. 48:22

Early spring flycatching of stoneflies by Bohemian Waxwings. Klein HG. 48:26

Letter — More on Bell's Vireo in the East. Lehman P. 48:31

Drawings by David A. Seyler. 48:30, 68

1998 June; 48(2)

Yellow-billed Loon in Oswego Harbor. Second state record. First live sighting! Phillips G. 48:98

Tree Swallows raise Brown-headed Cowbird nestling. Hauber ME. 48:103

Nesting Least Bitterns at the Tonawanda/Iroquois/Oak Orchard Wetland Complex. Seyler DA. 48:108

Guidelines of the NYSARC. A Committee of the FNYSBC. Ad Hoc Committee 48:116

Corrections. The New Checklist of the Birds of New York State. [Levine E] 48:119

FNYSBC, Inc. 50th Annual Meeting, Lake Placid, NY, 12 – 14 September 1997. Stoner SJ. 48:120

Lost in a peculiarly unique neighborhood. [Pun] Windsor DA. 48:180

1998 September; 48(3)

Broad-billed Sandpiper — First record for lower 48 states. Benner W. 48:182

NYS Waterfowl Count, January 1998. Sabin WB. 48:186

Neckbanded Canada Geese Observed at a Migratory Stopover Marcotte RE. 48:192

New Nesting Site of Great Black-backed Gull on Lake Champlain, NY Klein HG. 48:199

FNYSBC. History of the first fifty years 1948-1998. Corrections. Lincoln SR. 48:206

Letter — Possible disturbance of nesting birds. Brown PM. 48:207

Response — Disturbance for research was minimal. Seyler DA. 48:207

Photo of Yellow-billed Loon reprinted. 48:208

Departure dates seasonality and advance. [Spahn R] 48:269

1998 September; 48(Supplement 1)

FNYSBC. History of the first fifty years 1948-1998. Lincoln SR. 48(Suppl 1):1-35

1998 December; 48(4)

Editorial — Parting Shots. Windsor DA. 48:274

Anna's Hummingbird in Binghamton, NY. Grosek RJ. 48:280

Black Vulture in NYS — confirmed nesting and observations of early development. Bridges JT. 48:289

Updates, corrections, additions etc. to Bull's Birds of New York State. Levine E. 48:300

Report of the NYSARC for 1995. 48:301

A bibliography of NYS ornithology for 1997. Jones P et al. 48:309

1999 March; 49(1)

Black-tailed Gull (Larus crassirostris) at Jones Beach, Nassau County 31 Jan-1 Feb 1999: first record for NYS. Wilson A, Guthrie A. 49:2

Fall warbler census, Badgerow Park, Greece, NY. Marcotte RE. 49:8

Post-breeding populations of Pied-billed Grebes (Podilymbus podiceps) at the Tonawanda WMA. Seyler DA. 49:14

Nesting of Osprey at Webb Royce Swamp, Essex Co., NY. Gretch M, Deobil J-C, Deobil A. 49:22

N&O: A Suffolk nesting record of American Coot. Salzman E. 49:27

N&O: Wintering Pine Warbler takes niger seed. Delehanty C. 49:28

N&O: Addendum by Region 7 Regional Editor JMC Peterson [Pine Warbler]. 49:29

A late nesting Veery found in Allegany State Park, NY. LeBlanc TP. 49:30

Updates to Bull's Birds of NYS. Levine E. 49:30

Additions [to the NYS Checklist] [Levine E] 49:32

Notes and Observations. [Levine E] 49:96

1999 June; 49(2)

Black Brant in NYS. Wilson A, Guthrie A. 49:98

View from Mount Peter [hawkwatch]. Cinquina J. 49:107

Report of the NYSARC for 1996. 49:114

Obituary - Geoffrey Carleton. Levine E. 49:122

A presumed hybrid warbler in Brooklyn's Prospect Park: Common Yellowthroat x Mourning Warbler. Vallely AC, Fiore T. 49:123

Polygynous mating in Eastern Phoebe. Gretch M. 49:126

Letter: NYSARC. Wilson A. 49:129

1999 September; 49(3)

The first documented breeding of Blue Grosbeak on Long Island and second in NYS. Birol O. 49:186

The NYS Waterfowl Count, January 1999. Sabin WB. 49:190

Piping Plovers (Charadrius melodus) breeding at John F.Kennedy International Airport in NYC. Garber SD. 49:195

A change in NYSARC. [5 members to 7] 49:199

FNYSBC, Inc. 50th Annual Meeting, Rochester, NY 25-27 Sep 1998. Parr L. 49:200

1999 December; 49(4)

Eurasian subspecies of Mew Gull (Larus canus canus) on Long Island. Guthrie A, Wilson A, Lauro A. 49:286

A Common Yellowthroat exhibiting male and female plumage (bilateral gynandromorph) in Essex County, NY. Peterson JMC, Howard GE. 49:295

Bibliography of NYS ornithology for 1998. Jones P et al. 49:300

First record of Swainson's Hawk on Long Island. DiCostanzo J, Hays H. 49:309

Long-term analysis of migratory waterfowl visitation, Collins Lake, Schenectady County. Koehler A, George C. 49:313

Neotropical migrants: a poem. Wheat MC. 49:316

N&O Willets on wires. Salzman E. 49:317

2000 March; 50(1)

First record of MacGillivray's Warbler for NYS. Viet RR, Taylor ME. 50:2

Great Blue Heron consumes spruce cones: a unique behavior. Phelan S. 50:7

Glossy Ibis nests on Four Brothers Island, Essex County. Peterson JMC. 50:11

N&O: Really confusing fall warbler [Black-throated Blue Warbler] - another gynandromorph. Guthrie R, Cook B 50:17

N&O: Have you ever seen a heron swim? [Yellow-crowned Night Heron] Levine M. 50:17

Fiesta. [poem] Wheat MC. 50:18

Report of the NYSARC for 1997. 50:19

Changes to the NYSARC Guidelines. 50:25

Changes to the NYSARC Review List. 50:27

The revised NYSARC Review List. 50:30

Meet the members of NYSARC. 50:34

Inviting Notes and Observations. [Levine E] 50:108

Feedback. [Levine E] 50:108

2000 July; 50(2)

Cave Swallow (Petrochelidon fulva), second NY State record. Guthrie A, Wilson A. 50:110

The Wild Turkey in The Bronx and lower Westchester County, NY. Künstler DS. 50:118

A note on marsh sparrow [Seaside Sparrow, Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow, and Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow] songs with comments by Jon Greenlaw. Salzman E. 50:131

New record of Brown-headed Cowbird egg burial in Blue-headed Vireo nest. Underwood TJ, Smith CR. 50:139

N&O: Unusual demise of a juvenile European Starling. [bill caught in wire] Phillips G. 50:144

N&O: Canada Goose attacks Osprey. Gawalt J. 50:145

Red-tailed Hawk. [poem] Wheat MC. 50:145

Inviting Notes and Observations. [Levine M] 50:204

Feedback. [Levine M] 50:204

2000 September; 50(3)

Gulls on the Niagara Frontier: an update. D'Anna W. 50:206 [see 50:387. This printing has errors. New printing was published as an enclosure to the December 2000 issue. 50(4):1-16.]

Yellow-nosed Albatross on Fire Island, LI, NY. Buckley PA, Schairer G. 50:223

Status of the Trumpeter Swan in NYS. Carroll D, Swift BL. 50:232

Great Blue Heron nesting population on Ironsides Island in the St Lawrence River from 1964-1998. Maxwell GR, Smith GA, Harper L, Karwowski K. 50:237

FNYSBC, Inc. 52nd Annual Meeting, Elmira, NY September 17-19, 1999. Parr LD. 50:249

Correction: The Wild Turkey in the Bronx and lower Westchester County, NY. [50:118] Künstler DS. 50:258

N&O: Unusual close encounter [Sharp-shinned Hawk and human] Polaski KB. 50:259

N&O: Another cable death. [Common Snipe, bill caught in cable] Crumb DW. 50:260

Changes in the 7th Edition of the AOU Check-list relevant to NYS. [Levine E.] 50:261

2000 December; 50(4)

Early nesting of Great Horned Owls in the Bronx, NYC. Lyons C. 50:336

Little Stint (Calidris minuta) near Pike's Beach, Westhampton Dunes, Suffolk County, NY. Stanford RG. 50:344

Cayenne Tern on LI, NY: North America's fourth. Mitra SS, Buckley PA. 50:358

Thermalling. [Poem] Wheat MC. 50:368

NYS Federation Waterfowl Count, January 2000. Sabin WB, Swift BL. 50:369

Bibliography of NYS ornithology for 1999. Jones P et al. 50:375

" To market, to market" .., to see a life bird. [birds in Washington and Fulton markets 1871-1872] Levine E. 50:384
Corrections: Concerning enclosed amended publication of "Gulls on the Niagara Frontier: an update." 50:387 [Enclosure 50(4):1-16]

N&O: More on swimming herons. [Black-crowned Night-Heron, Great Blue Heron] [Levine E, Stotz N, McKinney B, Peterson M] 50:388

N&O: Cassin's Sparrow at Jones Beach State Park, Nassau County. [Levine E.] 50:388

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